Dirty Dozen Top 5: Running Apps




With summer finally here, it’s the perfect time to take your exercise regime into the great outdoors.

In preparation of taking part in a Dirty Dozen Race. To help give you that little bit of extra motivation, and make the prospect of getting all sweaty and sticky a little more enticing, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 smart phone running apps to help you reach your goals and get the most out of your runs. 


Endomondo-logo-1-300x3001) Endomondo

You want features? Well, this app has them. Easily one of the top runners in the market, Endomondo allows you to track a multitude of outside sports; running, cycling, walking and even circuits, and can be expanded by adding in an external heart-rate monitor.

Available on iOS and Android, this little gem is FREE (unless you want the pro version, which is £2.99) and is available HERE.



2) Zombies, Run! 3Zombies-run-logo-600x474

Think you could survive a zombie apocalypse? Prove it. With this neat little running app you are placed in the role of Runner 5, and given running missions to collect supplies for your base. Upon completing a mission, the storyline advances. Creators Six to Start have also created a specific 5k Training App as a branch off from the main storyline, and there’s also stat tracking for all your runs for each app accessible online. 

Available on iOS and Android, this unorthodox running app costs between £2.49 and £2.79 depending on your platform, and is available HERE.

3) Runkeeper


With over 20 million people using this app, it’s little surprise that it would appear in our Dirty Dozen Top 5. Turning your phone into your very own personal trainer, Runkeeper is feature rich and includes ways to track runs, jogs, and even cycling, allowing you to see when you’re improving,  to check your pace, and get a better understanding of how you’re doing. You can add friends and family who also use the app, giving you even more incentive to be at your best.

Available on iOS and Android, this big player is FREE and is available HERE.


tumblr_static_nike-plus-running-logo4) Nike+ Running

Similar to Runkeeper and Endomondo, Nike+ Running is feature rich if you’re someone who’s interested in stats and sharing capabilities. Social data-sharing, real-time cheers whenever people post on events in progress, and the ability to track friends’ progress and activities all give this app a unique edge, as does its ‘Powersong’ feature to help you finish off your run. 

Available on iOS and Android, Nike+ Running is FREE and is available HERE.


5) Couch to 5K


Everyone started somewhere, and this handy app helps you do just that. Based on the popular beginners running programme, Couch to 5K works by getting people in 5k shape by gradually incorporating longer running lengths in-between walking periods. Perfect for running newbies, or those wanting to get back in shape after some time off, Couch to 5K also features quirky training tools such as zombie training and a virtual dog which accompanies runners during their workouts.

Available on iOS and Android, Couch to 5K is FREE and is available HERE.

app-thumb-5BONUS OCR APP: Obstacle Trainer

Yes, I know we said Top 5, but this app is just too good to not include. Obstacle Trainer is the premier smartphone app for training towards an obstacle course race or event. Using easy to learn body weight exercises, Obstacle Trainer will guide you through applying them during your training runs whether on the road, park, trail or forest. Turn the world into your obstacle course!

Available on iOS and Android, Couch to 5K is FREE and is available HERE.

Got any other running apps you’d recommend? Let us know! 

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