Top Five Tips for Obstacle Course Racing Newbies



We know quite a few people are lining up for their first ever OCR at Dirty Dozen London South this weekend. So this week’s Friday Top Five is for them. We put out the word on our Facebook page. And thanks to the best fans in the world, we’ve come up with not one but two Top Fives to help newbies


What to take / wear:

  1. Gloves. (Tina Milledge)
  2. Don’t! Wear! Cotton! (Lucy Tarrant)
  3. Tie your shoelaces very tight………and smile (Chris Robinson)
  4. Get the right footwear. Keep going! (Dexter Redman McQueen)
  5. Binliners, wetwipes & a huge sense of humour! (Linda Muddy Morgan Roach)


And how to enjoy it to the max:

  1. Keep Going! Help the next man/woman. Have fun. (Paul Lee)
  2. Don’t be scared, enjoy the day and take the leap (Jon Rose)
  3. Take your time, chat to others around the course and, most importantly, enjoy yourself. Where else, as a grown up, do you get to throw yourself in mud and climb over obstacles?! (Graham Hush)
  4. Don’t stop, jump in and enjoy it. (Steve Hodge)
  5. SMILE! You’re in a big kids adventure playground (Pete Rees)
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