Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s the Super Hero Mums! Mud, Mums and Obstacle Course Racing.




This week Dirty Dozen Races had the chance to speak with ‘Wonder Woman’ Hayley Black, who is one third of the terrific trio known as ‘Super Hero Mums’. Their mission statement is to do “mad mud races, bring a smile to peoples’ faces and raise money for charity!”. She took the time to tell us about what inspires three busy mums to get motivated and muddy, and why she’s looking forward to taking part in the Dirty Dozen Races London South event


Running – now there’s a word. How about if I throw in the word ‘mud‘ for extra points; is anyone still with me? I used to be that person that would state ‘I cannot run’, but am now counting down the days and cannot wait until I take part in the Dirty Dozen Races’ Dirty Dozen on 5th (20 military style obstacles) and Dirty Dash on the 6th of April (15 military style obstacles). Yes, two days on the trot; that’s how addictive it is!

Obstacle course racing (OCR) is the nearest you can get to going back to being a child, and the fun and laughs you have are immense. I run with Super Hero Mums, who are 3 normal mums each with our own special reason close to our hearts that like to inspire and encourage people by saying ‘if we can do it anyone can’.

Trust me, when you are rolling around in the mud, you don’t think of it as being mud. It’s a challenge, a new obstacle to overcome and a reason to feel proud of ourselves. It takes determination, training and teamwork, but it’s oh-so-worth it.

We train by going out and about running round our local streets and you can often find us running up and down steps in various locations. We make use of what’s around us for free, and anyone can do it. Oh, and having learnt the hard way, here’s a top tip from me; if you are wearing an iPod, people at the bus stop CAN hear you singing! Be warned.

One of the best things about this kind of race is that all levels of fitness can take part. You go at your own pace and it’s the determination you find in you, and the support that others provide that makes it doable. Dirty Dozen Races are perfect because they cater for everyone; first timers and the super fit. Whatever your level everyone always helps each other, and I guarantee you will laugh so much you will be planning your next one before you have even finished the first.

So get involved, find a cause close to your heart, and get muddy with Dirty Dozen Races!


Super Hero Mums run for the charities Unique, The Indee Rose Trust, The Danny Green Fund, Little Havens Hospices and Macmillan. They don’t ask for donations, but instead to spread the word about their causes. You can find out more about them on their .


- Words by Cerian Jenkins

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