Dirty Dozen Races
Dirty Dozen Races is known for being the home of big obstacles but that’s just a small part of who we are. We started Dirty Dozen Races to help people lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle and judi bola resmi. With 3 distances to choose from; we offer great challenges for those just starting out on their fitness journey (Dirty Dash) through to those wanting to be tested to the max (Dirty Destroyer). All of our courses and obstacles are designed by the infamous ‘Beard’ who’s hell bent on helping you become unstoppable!

Races for everyone
Dirty Dash – 6k + 15 major obstacles
Dirty Dozen – 12k + 20 major obstacles
Dirty Destroyer – 18k + 25 major obstacles

Sign up
Click here to sign up for London South 18th April 2015. For other events in 2015, click here.

Medal of honour caps
The much coveted Dirty Dozen Races Medal of Honour is awarded to those that complete the Dash (6k), Dozen (12k) and Destroyer (18k) all in 2015

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