What goes into a Dirty Dozen Race?

Each course is planned and designed by ex-British Special Forces to combine our military style obstacles and it takes the following to build one of our obstacle courses:

- 3 weeks to build
- over a week to take down
- 4 days to mark out the course
- Over 100 volunteers
- A huge build team
- Big excavation machinery
- An extensive medical team
- Multiple life guard teams

Our goal is simple, put on great events at great prices and ensure they are exciting but also safe.


The team behind Dirty Dozen Races

After years of competitive sport and seeing the rise of obstacle course events, we knew this was a sport we wanted to get into. Not content with participating, we wanted to see how far we could take obstacles courses so we decided to design and build our own obstacles races. 2013 was a great year for us, it saw the launch of our first event to which we received some great reviews.

We have put months of research into planning our events and combined with the fact that our obstacles and courses are designed by ex-British Special Forces means Dirty Dozen Races are in a league of our own. Our obstacles constantly evolving and the Dirty Dozen Races Obstacle Test Centre is full of prototypes that have seen a lot of action. Each course is meticulously planned on foot and we have a real talent for hunting out great terrain.

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