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It’s not often we meet a team we think can challenge either the inov-8 or RPCC crews – but we may just have found one. Pegasus Military Fitness, a fitness training company which offer a variety of sessions around London and Essex, have put together a veritable A Team, boasting a line up which includes a Pathfinder, 2 Marines, 1 R.A, 1 R.E and 2 Black Belts.

In today’s blog, we meet some of the team and pick their brains for their top training tips…

Here at Pegasus Military Fitness we are very fortunate to have some very elite ex military personnel as instructors, as well as serving soldiers attending our fitness sessions. Combine those individuals with high level martial artists and add in an Olympian and current Team GB member and you have a wealth of expertise and knowledge – and hopefully a Dirty Dozen Races dream team!
Muddy Obstacle races are all about camaraderie, working together, and challenging yourself to go higher, further, faster and, most importantly, having a muddy good time with like minded individuals. With that spirit in mind, we have asked some of our instructors and group members to share some simple but insightful top tips to get you prepared, conditioned and raring to go on that start line…

Barry Watkins, Pegasus co-owner, kickboxing instructor and black belt has two top tips he utilises before any event:


  1. Preparation – Make sure you’re training in the kit and trainers you’ll be competing in, don’t be tempted to change your reliable and comfortable gear on a whim as rubbing, chafing and blisters are not good companions over any distance.
  2. Visualisation – Try and think in advance about what you’ll encounter on the day. Be it the weather conditions, terrain, obstacles take some time to think how you will tackle each element so nothing is a surprise on the day.

Jay Martin a Pegasus regular and serving soldier in the Royal Artillery has some insightful information too:


  1. Breathing – Yes we all do it, we wouldn’t last long if we didn’t, but correct breathing can make such a difference to your performance. Deep breaths before tackling an obstacle or hill can help your muscle endurance and stamina.
  2. Go beyond yur comfort zone - Jay says pushing yourself beyond the limits of what your brain and other people say you can do is the best motivator ever…don’t be average…ever!

Someone who has never been described as average is Pegasus sponsored  athlete and regular attender Lizzie Neave, London 2012 Olympian and British number 1 K1 slalom canoeist.


  1. Nutrition – Make sure you’re fuelling right, a large bowl of porrdge with honey and berries will start your day right whatever your training or event has in store.
  2. Recovery – Make sure you’re getting quality sleep and consuming enough proteins to aid muscle recovery and growth. You want to improve, not plateau, don’t you?

Dave Shutler, Royal Marine Commando and Pegasus instructor, has two simple steps to improving your fitness:


  1. Hills - Go out and find a nice steep incline and run up it (it’s going to hurt), come back down, do it again…and again. Hills are your friend; it won’t feel like it at the time, but the improvements to your performance come race time will be very apparent.
  2. Repetition- See above. The more you do in training, the better your experience on the day. Remember; enjoy not endure.

Simon Tuley Pegasus co-owner and ex Pathfinder and PTI always stresses two points:
  1. Consistency – You need to be training regularly and at a level that’s challening. 3 to4 times a week is a good start and will give you a solid fitness base.
  2. Teamwork – If you’re entering an event like Dirty Dozen, get yourself some like minded individuals and go around together. Obstacles are negotiated easier, morale is kept higher and you can laugh at your friends muddy misfortune!

All of us at Pegasus cannot wait to hit the Dirty Dozen start line, it’s going to be outstanding!! See you all there and make sure you bring your A game, and follow the tips above!


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