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How big is our latest obstacle? This big (imagine fisherman holding out his arms as wide as he can)! Ramesses’ Revenge is a pyramid and at over 5m high, I like to think it’s not far off the same scale as the real ones in Egypt. It’s so big that 2 cars can drive through the middle of it, at the same time. We even shot a video of me driving through it in Mark’s car. I’m sure Health & Safety wouldn’t have liked it but sometimes, you just have to have fun.

It serves as an over pass for those later in the course and an underpass right at the start which means you’ll be looking forward to it all race as you pass under it after only 200m from the start. We’ve gone big, as always, and when you’re standing in the event village you’ll be able to Hang ‘em High and Bladder ladder because they are in the same field but you’ll also be able to see Wall of Mud and Ramesses’ Revenge even though they are in different fields and hundreds of meters away. Someone wrote last year that you might be able to see out obstacles from space, this year, I think you can.

Those of you that know me will know that I like to challenge people often by encouraging them to try things that scare there. Full water submersion and heights are 2 of my favourites and if Health & Safety give the green light I’ll be helping people with their fear of jumping into water (think bridge jump) and although I need to start thinking about claustrophobia and darkness I do have a penchant for height and Ramesses’ Revenge certainly ticks that box. It very nearly got named Vertigo. That means when I do design Vertigo it will have to be seriously high to live up to the name..

A great day today, very proud of the team.

What are we building tomorrow? Sheep Dip and Hangover Walls (my favourite obstacle and yes, I say that about most, if not all of them).

Thanks for reading.

The Beard.


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