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What a week! The team have got Easter weekend off and boy, do they deserve it! We’ve whistled through the obstacles and had a great laugh doing so (well, I have anyway). Today we banged up 3 rows of Hangover Walls (that means those doing the Dozen have to do 3 in a row) and Hurtles 2.0 went up super quick. We’ve called it Hurtles 2.0 as it’s twice as long as this year. We shot a short video of the Bull (new boy, Steve) versus the Beard and it was a close run thing. I always find it interesting when technique isn’t enough to win easily which results in speed being the only thing that will work. I found myself thinking ‘come one, move quicker’ as we were neck and neck but I also remember thinking ‘keep calm, don’t make a mistake’ which is what won me the mini race. On around the 7th or 8th Hurtle I heard the Bull clatter one of the walls, it was then I knew that I had won.

I bet the team that I could do one of the Hangover Walls one armed and it wasn’t pretty but it is doable. We managed to film Mark going over one armed and not only was it impressive, it was brave. One slip would have resulted in a pretty spectacular crash.

I’m back onsite tomorrow with Turbo (best mate) for a more clearing in the swamp, it’s just not long enough for my liking. I then have 3 days to catch up on my admin so if you’re waiting for a response from me, I’ll do my best to answer you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading.

The Beard.

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