Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully the majority of your questions are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions below but if there is something you can’t find, please contact us via the contact page.

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1. Race day questions

Can I register on the day?

Yes you can, we accept cash only on the day.

My confirmation email didn’t come through

This should come through within 30 minutes of completing registration. Check your junk mail, if it’s not there, give it 24 hours and check both your inbox and junk again. If still nothing, please login to Eventbrite to check your email was entered correctly. You can do this here

How do I print my confirmation again? I’ve lost it and can’t find the email

You can print off your ticket by logging in to Eventbrite by clicking here

Experiencing problems with the website?

Please ensure cookies are enabled on your browser and if that doesn’t work, please try another browser or device. If all else fails, you can get in touch via our Contact page

How do I find the event?

The event post code is on the email confirmation, we’ll put directions in the comfirmation emails plus you can find directions to each event on the Events page by clicking on the race you entered

Will there be water stations?

Yes but do hydrate before and bring plenty of fluids for after

Can I transfer my place to someone else?

Of course! Simply click here to change the details.

What if I hurt myself?

There will be qualified emergency response teams on site on race day

2. Common/General Questions

How much is a Dirty Dozen Race?

It all depends on which length of race you chose, when you register and if you are in a team. You can see how much they are by clicking on a race on our Events page

How long are Dirty Dozen races?

Currently, there are 3 distances to choose from the Dirty Dash (6k + 15 military style obstacles), the Dirty Dozen (12k + 20 military style obstacles) and the Dirty Destroyer (18k + 25 military style obstacles).

How do I enter for a Dirty Dozen Race?

Simply click on the ‘ENTER NOW’ tab which is on the side of the screen or go to our Events page and chose an event

What are the obstacles like?

We like to keep you guessing so we keep our obstacles under wraps till the event but if you want to see the obstacles at previous events, click here

What’s included in my race entry?

Race entry includes your timing chip, running bib and an identification bracelet for you and your bag. Finishers will get a prized Dirty Dozen Bobble hat, Dirty Dozen technical t-shirt, race photos, a much deserved beer and a massive sense of achievement!

Is the Dirty Dozen Race a race?

Yes, life is a race and so is this! If you just want to have fun and enjoy the obstacles, that’s fine too! It’s your race so go at your pace!

3. Eligibility/suitability

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, for Health and Safety plus insurance reasons, you need to be at least 18 on the date of the event. Sorry, no exceptions

How fit do I need to be?

You don’t need to be super human to complete our races but a basic level of fitness will ensure you enjoy the event. If you are unsure, come a long a watch a race  but we bet you’ll wish you’d entered. Take the plunge and enter now!

Do I have to be able to swim?

Some races will have deep water where swimming will be required. If you can’t swim, avoid these obstacles! Our marshals will be there to warn you and send you off on the alternative route round.

Is there a time limit?

No but do chose a distance that you can complete in daylight hours!

4. Entry fees and team discounts

How much is it to race?

It all depends on which length of race you chose and when you register. To see prices, check out our Events page

How much is it to park?

Nothing, its free. We’re the good guys!

How much is it to watch?

Nothing, its free. We’re the good guys!

Can I get a discount?

Sure, sign up early and you’ll get a discounted rate

Can I get a team discount?

Of course! Book as a team of 6+ and save £5 each.

Can I get a refund?

We offer full refunds less a £10 admin fee if you contact us before the end of race day, after that refunds are not available. Please email us at

Can I postpone my race as I’m injured?

If you contact us before the end of race day, we can transfer you to a future race for a £10 admin fee. Please email us at

Can I race for free if I’m a reporter?

Yes you can. Using your company’s official email address, please email us at

5. What to wear

What should I wear during the race?

Sensible running gear (light but warm) and a pair of trail running trainers are a good idea (no spikes or studs though)

What should I bring for after the race?

A towel to dry yourself and some warm clothes to get changed into

Can I bring alcohol?

No, you can not but you can buy alcoholic drinks on site (ID maybe required)

Can I bring friends and family?

Of course, why not!

6. Location/Directions

How do I find the event?

The event post code and address is on the email confirmation plus you can find directions to each event on the Events page by clicking on the race you entered

How do I get my race pack?

These are handed out on the day. Bring photo ID, a print out of your email confirmation plus a signed copy of the waiver (included in your email confirmation)

What’s in my race pack?

Racing bib (number), some safety pins (to attach it) and a timing chip. These will be handed out on the day. Bring photo ID and a print out of your email confirmation.

7. Post Race

Where do I get my results?

We’ll email them to you and provide details of them online after each race

Where can I see photos of me?

Yes. We will provide details of how to buy photos after each race.

Will there be showers and changing facilities?

No, but you are tough and don’t need these!

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