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Today was a big day. The structures for Shiver Me Timbers are up and 2 smoking barrels is built and on the water. The team are working well and working hard. There was a little head scratching on the second structure for Shiver Me Timbers as it wouldn’t sit down right but we eventually got there. The post bashor has been renamed a couple of times today from ‘Thumper’ to ‘Bam Bam’ and even ‘Swiss Army bashor’ as it’s been surprisingly versatile in its application. I’m told it’s likely that we’re the first to have used a post bashor to build a stud wall, I like that, being the first to do something always feels good. It has been a great addition to the family of ‘persuaders’ (big heavy implements used to persuade (bash) items into place).

Tomorrow we’ll build Sheep Dip, one of my favourites as it literally takes your breath away and then we’ll look at a totally new obstacle, Ramesses’ Revenge. This is the latest I’ve ever finalised a course but every time I look at it, I see another great little natural feature that I want to add in. Ramesses’ Revenge is a pretty simple obstacle but over 5m it’s going to be our highest to date. Not sure why but this coupled with Walls of Mud and Shiver Me Timbers, something tells me people are going to think our obstacles have got even bigger, and they have.
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The Beard

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