Diary of a Mad Man – London East 2015 – Day 9 of the build



Day 9 and we’ve had a great finish to the week; Bladder Ladder and Logathon 3,000 are done and Barely Contained (latest incarnation of Containment) is almost finished. As mentioned a few posts back, I really wanted to place some of the key obstacles in prominent places so that they can be seen from the event village and Bladder Ladder does exactly that. It’s over a kilometre away but can easily be seen from the start line, it’s that big!
So, what is Logathon 3,000? Well, its Logathon (log carry) that incorporates Mudathon Point Five O, Hurtles 2.0, Hang ‘em High and Creepy Crawlies and you’ll be doing all obstacles just mentioned (apart from Hang ‘em High) with your log. I suspect this will be quite a memorable log carry and will possibly go down as the hardest log carry of 2015. Some will say this is too hard but this is the Destroyer after all and it’s supposed to be hard… check out the vid of me doing a dry run (before it’s filled with water).
Barely Contained is the latest version of Containment (the obstacle we build over the top of our container) and it will be interesting to see how people get on with it. Technique will go a long way but so will a decent amount of thuggery and brute force. Although I wax lyrical about technique it’s important to remember that, and to quote a very good polish climber, ‘Technique is nothing without power’ so if you haven’t already, now’s the time to nail your pull-ups as they will definitely help! Video on its way.

What’s the plan for the weekend? Admin and planning for next week. I need to order some more materials and I can see a couple of tons of new timber making an appearance next week. I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading.

The Beard

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