Diary of a Mad Man – London East 2015 – Day 8 of the build



Day 8 and things are coming along nicely. ‘Fallout’, the new obstacle is finished all bar an exit ramp and ‘Great Wall’ went up in record time. The team are working superbly and it’s great to have Tom back after his long weekend. The competitive side came out again today when making ‘Great Wall’ and Simon and had a blinder and there wasn’t even any cheating this time. We haven’t played any ‘DD Olympics’ of recent but I’m sure something will come up soon. It was only yesterday that I was showing the team how to do an inverted cross off the end of an unfinished ‘Fallout’ when I dismounted at great speed (basically, I fell off), apparently I just disappeared into the hole. If I hadn’t been found in a heap having landed on my back, I’d have claimed I meant to do it. If only the cameras had been rolling; I’m sure £250 would have been on its way from ‘you’ve been framed’.

What’s the plan for tomorrow? I’m not sure yet as we’re waiting for a few fields to be combined so we can get in there. I think we can get into the field with Bladder Ladder so it would be good to get that one out of the way. When you come into the event village on the 15th of August, be sure to look around as I’ve strategically placed some very big obstacles out on the horizon. There may well be some gawping from those new to Dirty Dozen Races and I expect to hear exclamations like ‘whoa, those are some big a$$ obstacles, and wow, aren’t they a long way away!?!?!’.

Thanks for reading.

The Beard

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