Diary of a Mad Man – London East 2015 – Day 10 of the build



Day 10 and it’s been a great start to the week; Barely Contained was finished off first thing, the Walls for Underworld are finished and we got Hangover Walls up in record time. We’re doing so well that we’re actually beginning to run out of materials to build obstacles with! But fear not, Travis Perkins has come to the rescue and is due to drop of another 100 ‘8 x 2s’ and 25 more sheets of ‘OSB’ sheets which is roughly another three and a half tons of awesomeness!

We’re planning to put up Afterthought tomorrow and I can’t wait to see the expression on people’s faces as they drive past. At 5.5m high, not only is Afterthought tall but its also heavy, weighing in at a mammoth 3 tons. If we get time, I’ll be seeing if I can fit the truck and trailer through the middle at high speed. It will be a little like a flyby but without the wings but the Top Gun music will be playing full blast in my head.

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The Beard

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