South Wales 2015 – Diary of a mad man – Part 2



‘Shiver me Timbers’ is the name of a new obstacle that we’d planned to launch back in April only to find that it didn’t pass Health & Safety requirements so we made the necessary changes to be able to launch it here at South Wales and it should be a real crowd pleaser. It’s very simple but when you consider, fatigue and muddy shoes, I bet it will catch a few people out. It’s simply a 20ft balance beam 5ft up over cold water, how hard can it be? Well, if you’re taking part next weekend, you’ll soon find out.
What I really like about this one is it potential for future development and although I can’t tell you how it will get tougher as a lot of will depend on how you get on with it this around, I can tell you it will be around for a while. It’s so easy to think each winter, ‘yeah, I’ll build all new obstacles this year’ but the fact is, there are some that people just love and expect to see each time like Tarzan Bars and Big Walls so it’s actually quite hard deciding which ones to take out and I think this one, for all its simplicity, will be a keeper. Just remember that you’ll have just done Mud Mountain (another new one albeit it an adaptation on Walls of Mud) and be very muddy and blowing pretty hard when you get to it.

The Beard.

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