South Wales 2015 – Diary of a mad man – Part 1



So, as you probably already know from all the Facebook updates, the South Wales 2015 Build has gone really well. Everyone has worked well and hard and Steve ‘The Bull’ has assumed the role of build manager superbly and his calm but authoritative ways have commanded respect from the ‘get go’. One of the biggest changes he has made was to ensure we leave every obstacle completed and tested which sound obvious but in the past I’ve been guilty of rushing everyone putting those finishing touches on the ‘snagging list’ which means in the past, we’ve have to go back to the obstacle to finish it off which is so inefficient.

Seeing how well Steve has performed has reminded me of the day one of the founding build team said he wasn’t available for this season, I remember being gutted as he’d been with us since day one and helped me so much (and become a good friend to boot). At the time I couldn’t see how I could have replaced him but, and I’ve always believed this, there is always a silver lining to every cloud and what a silver lining the Bull is. He, like my business partner, is calm, smart and considered (all the things I’m not, especially the calm bit) which is so important to DD going well and losing David and finding The Bull has been a blessing in disguise (don’t worry David, you’re still a star, ate).

Surrounding myself by people better than me so I can learn is something I’ve always done in sport and this is exactly what I’ve done with Dirty Dozen. I’ve surrounded myself with people that skills I don’t have. It will be interesting to look back in 5-10 years’ time when Dirty Dozen has races all around the country with 5,000+ people at each one as people will think I’m a very smart guy to have made it all happen but in reality, it will all be down to the amazing people that have bought into our vision and made it what it is.

This post is dedicated to all those that have helped Dirty Dozen become what it is and to those that will help it become what it will be (a national success) and that includes you, the runners. Without you, I wouldn’t have the best job in the world, so thank you for supporting me.

The Beard

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