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Day 12 of the build and we’ve got barbed wiring down to an art. Thanks to one of our gang, yes Ian, you are now considered part of the DD gang, we now know how to put up barbed wire and quickly. Today was a master class but this time I was the student. I may come across as a complete ‘know it all’ but I’m at my happiest when I’m learning. I was truly terrible at school, I was far too focused on sport as opposed to the academic side and although I have no regrets (my life turned out pretty dam well), I’m definitely making up for lost time and learning as much as I can. Although not obvious, I’d say I learn as much from the students at my master classes as they do from me. What do I learn from them? I learn how to read fear and how to encourage overcoming it, it’s my favourite subject. I find it fascinating to see people deal with their demons.

So, what’s the plan this week? Putting in 3,500 flags, 200 fencing stakes (we’ve got around 200 in already) and a lot of black and white tape. I love marking out week. Its like playing dot to dot where we connect up all the obstacles with natural terrain. Anyone that has ever helped out with marking out a Dirty Dozen course knows I’m a bit of a sod when it comes to getting it right and I’m not easy to please but they all get how important course marking is; not just for the elites (they hate losing time getting lost) but for everyone (they hate missing bits of the course). We have a great track record when it comes to good course marking and I’m determined to build on that this year so to all those helping out this week, bring a sense of humour as you’re going to need it.

Thanks for reading.

The Beard.

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