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Day 11 and is well at Dirty Dozen. Big Walls are up (on the finish line) and all the preparations have been made to add on the additional channels of Tarzan Bars. I was going to omit the next bit but then there wouldn’t be much for me to write about if I did…

Whilst Mark and The Bull did the prep work on Tarzan Bars, Simon and I gave ourselves a crash course in fencing. Up until now we’ve always built a framework to attach the barbed wire to for our crawl obstacles but it takes a long time and often looks a bit wonky over the excavated ground so as part of my excitement about getting the fencing stake, other than to mark out the course, was to see how they would perform at holding up the barbed wire on Barbed Belly and Barberrella. The idea is that they are quicker, meaning we can do more, and more flexible in terms of where we can put them meaning we can put them in more places. 3 hours of farting about led us to realize that we had no idea what we were doing and when Mark and The Bull came trundling over in the truck, they were met with 2 grinning and slightly sun burnt blokes and an absolute birds nest of barbed wire everywhere. They didn’t look impressed. When Mark and The Bull pointed out that they knew how to do fencing, it was my turn to look unimpressed. Oh well, live and learn.

So what’s happening this weekend?

Chia Charge and Fitbit are coming down to video some fun stuff on the obstacles tomorrow and Sunday will be a marking out day. Watch out the ensuing videos, they should be awesome!

Thanks for reading.

The Beard.

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