Diary of a Mad Man – London East 2015 – Day 7 of the build



Day 7 and ‘adaptation’ was word of the day. Big Walls went up in record time and looks as awesome as always but the ground under ‘Shiver me Timbers just wasn’t playing ball and the towers just weren’t looking right so we decided to adapt our plan and bring in ‘Fallout’. ‘Fallout’ has been in the Book of Doom (volume II) for a while now and I’d planned to do it with pipes but Dirty Dozen branded boxes look even better. What is ‘Fallout’? Well, as you come out of ‘Sheep Dip’ desperately trying to dry your hands because you can see Tarzan Bars looming ahead, you’re going to be forced into a box system where you have to crawl along in the dark and just as you get into your stride (well, crawl), bang! You’ll fall directly down into the murky waters below. The name is pretty accurate!

Being flexible with the plan is key as otherwise time can get away from you so sometimes you just have to adapt and sometimes it actually works out better anyway. If you remember ‘Afterthought’ in April, that was literally an afterthought as we had some trusses left over. ‘Shiver me timbers’ will be back in 2016 and even bigger but I’m sure you’ll all love ‘Fallout’. I did promise some ‘claustrophobia style’ obstacles and although this isn’t particularly tight, it will give me a good idea of how people cope with confined spaces and darkness.

We had the excavator in again today and the driver was epic. He’s finished off ‘Twins’, ‘Barberella’ and ‘Mudathon Point Five O’. What’s ‘Mudathon Point Five O’, well, it’s like Mudathon but a little bigger. Based on the fact it normally takes 3 hours to create and this took 6 hours, I’d say Bullet Tooth Tony would struggle to get out of this one. Oh yeah, you’ll be carrying a log through it too! Logathon is going to go down as the hardest log carry in 2015, possibly ever. If you are doing the ‘Destroyer’ this August, good luck!

What’s the plan for tomorrow? Finish off ‘Fallout’ and bang up ‘Afterthought’. If you are planning to drive past Barlyelands this weekend, I guarantee you’ll notice ‘Afterthought’. I’ve heard it’s the biggest ‘non-scaffold’ obstacle to have been built in the UK but I tend not to worry about what everybody else is doing and just focus on doing my own thing but I do know it’s big enough to drive through (see video below) but the real question is, can we drive the truck and trailer through it? We’ll soon find out!


Thanks for reading.

The Beard

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