Diary of a Mad Man – London East 2015 – Day 6 of the build



Day 6 and so far, my favourite day so far. Why? Because we built Tarzan Bars (and in record time) and the reason I’m such a fan of Tarzan Bars is because, for me, it was a real statement of intent when we first built it. It didn’t come in till our second event and although people thought our obstacle were big at our first event; Tarzan Bars really shouts ‘we do big obstacles’.

The team were great today again; David and Reg (the new boys were great), Simon (the Stalwart of the team) was awesome and as always and Bull was epic. He’s really getting comfortable running the team which allows me to think more about the course and new obstacles. I’ve been threatening for a while now that I’m just warming up when it comes to obstacles and now I’m able to let the team get on with things, I can start to conjure up some really creative monstrosities. I’m going to spend all winter scheming and weasling to ensure next season is even more epic!

What’s the plan for tomorrow? ‘Shiver me timbers’ and possibly ‘Big Walls’. London East is great for many reasons (the lake, the river, the extensive excavations) but one of the big draws is that the Event Village (and therefore the position of ‘Big Walls’) is visible from the road and that means we get plenty of toots from passers-by when we build it.

Oh yeah, the pics in field are me doing my ‘Maximus’ impression, ha ha!

Thanks for reading.

The Beard

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