How to prepare
Dirty Dozen Races was created to help people lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Our races are a key part of your journey Dirty Dozen Training is here to help you get there. Read on to see what we have planned over the coming months to help you improve your fitness and obstacle techniques.

How to get fit
Want to get fit? We’ll soon be launching our fitness and nutrition plans with our official fitness partner where you’ll be able to learn what it is you need to do to keep your body in tip top condition.

Free fitness plans – coming soon
Free nutrition plans – coming soon
Fitness training days – coming soon

How to get over the obstacles
Want to learn how to master the obstacles? Look no further. We know how daunting our obstacles can appear but with our master classes and free video tutorials, you’ll be able to conquer these behemoths in now time. Remember this, we all had to start somewhere!

Free technique video tutorials – Click here
Master class with the Beard – Click here to book

Find your race
Check out our events page for our race calender – click here to find your race

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