Obstacle racing saved my life


Drew Webb

In May 2013, at the age of 26, my heart stopped. With a partner and a baby relying on me, I knew it was time to make a change. I knew that the only way I could get my life back on track was to get up off the sofa and get fit. It took nearly a year to persuade the doctors, specialists and consultants to let me train.

May 2014 was the start of the “new me” the legends at Bootcamp Revolution took me in with open arms and have been saving my life one training session at a time. I knew from the very first training session that OCR was for me, I didn’t want to be stuck in a stuffy sweaty gym with people more concerned with their appearance in the mirrors than their training. The buzz of the fresh air and the grass in your fingers had me hooked; I now train three to four times a week in preparation for my first big OCR and have lost two stone in weight.

Training has totally transformed my lifestyle. I’m completely addicted to my new way of life. I’m no super star athlete, I’m still a bit over weight, my technique isn’t perfect, but with OCR that doesn’t matter. I’m just an everyday guy like you fighting my demons and WINNING.

It doesn’t matter how old, heavy or unfit you are, you just have to choose to make a change. I chose to live, eat clean and train hard. You don’t need to be fast or particularly strong to take part in OCR’s you just need to believe in yourself and lace your boots up, that’s the hardest part.

Most people think I’m mad, some call me inspirational; either way, likeminded people are always willing to help you along your journey. Luckily for me I have the support of my family, friends and the unwavering dedication of the team at Bootcamp Revolution and Dirty Dozen Races to help me fulfil my OCR dreams and become unstoppable.

OCR has saved my life, my heart troubles are virtually gone. I’m happier, healthier and feel better than I ever have! I got married and now have another child on the way, without OCR I don’t think I would be here today.

Life is my main inspiration, there’s nothing like a brush with death to sharpen your perspective on life.

I have many motivations in life, my wife, my kids and my stubbornness, my inability to accept people telling me “NO” or “you can’t do it” all fuel my fire to succeed.

I’m inspired by everybody that runs OCR’s, the very fact people lace up their boots on cold, wet mornings and embrace the mud and pain in all its glory just for fun, is motivation for me. The fact they choose to break away from the norm, the sofa, the television and enjoy life in the mud, is truly inspirational.

The Founders of Bootcamp Revolution, Mitch & Emma and all “The BC Beasts” that run OCR’s are my Hero’s and I am proud to be associated with them.

I often wonder how people would have remembered me if I’d of died that day. I promised myself whilst lying in my hospital bed that when my time finally came I could say I was proud of what I had achieved in my life and that I had accomplished as many of my dreams as possible. Becoming fit and competing in OCR soon became number one on my list.

I’d love for my story to inspire people to make that change and become something else, to see who they really are and what they are capable of. Perhaps my story will inspire people to change before it’s too late. My only regret is that it took a brush with death to start my training.

I think it’s fair to say I had some tough times over the last couple of years, never giving in is the key. It’s the toughest days that make all the difference. Cold, dark, uninspiring days always bring the biggest sense of achievement after training hard. No surrender.

I’m a Rocky kind of guy, if ever I’m in need of that extra boost of inspiration I get the Rocky DVD’s out, never fails to get me pumped.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 rules to success are also a personal honeypot of inspiration. It doesn’t matter what your inspiration is or what form it comes in, as long as you have it. We all have those moments where your lungs are on fire, your thighs are burning and the doubt starts to creep in, it’s then, more than ever, that you need that inspiration.

“Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets” Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I have high hopes for 2015. I hope to be ready to complete my first OCR race at Dirty Dozen in April, after that I’d like to keep competing as regularly as possible. For me personally I would like to not only run the OCR’s, but run them with my head held high. I always try to set my targets high to keep me pushing on to bigger better things. Finishing a Dirty Dozen Race in a competitive time alongside my hero’s from Bootcamp Revolution is my first big goal for 2015.

I’m not a different person. I am just a better, healthier version of my original self. I don’t want people to think, oh he’s the guy who nearly died, I want them to think wow look at him now.

Be inspired. Make a change. Become unstoppable.

Drew Webb

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