Diary of a Mad Man – The Beard’s beard blog – Day 9



Day 10 and The Great Wall is looking great! Subject to us nailing Irish Table tomorrow, first go, I’d say we finally have the right processes in place to build stud walls in the field quickly and efficiently. Needless to say, ‘Bam Bam’ (the post basher) was invaluable again and is now considered a necessity when build obstacles. It does such a good job of ‘persuading’ timber into place.

Good weather again today, we’ve been so lucky but I think I might have had a little bit too much sun today as Sheep Dip is going to have to be rebuilt tomorrow. I decided that the boards needed to come down further into the water but due to the hole being shallower and the new design, we currently have an obstacle that requires you to get on all fours (if you over 5 foot tall) whilst under water. Health & Safety would never sign this one off and on reflection; it was a little ambitious adjusting it so much. I love tweaking obstacles, making them better, but they need to remain doable, fun and safe. Rebuilding it tomorrow will be our first job. We’ll then nail Irish Table and everyone’s favourite finish line obstacle, Big Walls (10ft high walls).

Thanks for reading.

The Beard.

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