Diary of a Mad Man – London East 2015 – Day 4 of the build



Day 4 and the Dirty Dozen build team marches on. ‘Two smoking barrels’, ‘Castaway’ and a bunch of course marking smashed out in heavy rain today, love it! It’s always interesting to see who’s still happy when it’s p*****g down and I’m very lucky to have a team that not only don’t mind the rain but seem to relish it. The team has changed a lot over the last couple of years and everyone that has been part of it has brought something to the party, be it new skills or just different ideas but right now, I’d say the team has never been stronger and ‘Bull’, the build manager, even with only 2 builds under his belt, has been epic. He’s one of those ‘lead by example types’, he’s quiet but has so much gravitas that people can’t help but listen and the boys seem to really like working for him. I’m terrible for trying to do everything myself but in ‘Bull’, I have someone I trust implicitly.

We’ve got one more obstacle to build on the lake and it’s a new one, it’s called ‘Shark tower’. It’s called ‘Shark Tower’ because I got the idea from the scene in Jaws where Sheriff Brodie rushes up shark tower to spot Jaws but with this one, you’ve got to jump off. Ok, so there are unlikely to be sharks and it won’t be as high but its sure going to be fun! I spent all morning trying to convince the team that the noises coming from the reeds were baby crocodiles but I’m not sure they believed me. They seem to think they were frogs but we’ll see about that!

I regaled the team about the time David and Karl made a dog’s dinner of trying to get on the pontoon so thought I’d dig out the YouTube link, it did make me chuckle. Enjoy!

No blog till Monday now as we’re offsite for the weekend.

Thanks for reading.

The Beard

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