Diary of a Mad Man – London East 2015 – Day 2 of the build



Day 2 and we played the usual game of giant Jenga by opening a very full container and very carefully extracting the last things to be shoe-horned into the container back in Wales. We’ve found the best way to pack the container is big things first followed by little things but if you know anything about Dirty Dozen, we don’t really do little so that last things in (and therefore the first thing out) were the logs from logathon. In Wales I made the mistake of opening both doors at the same time (which got exciting, quickly) but luckily ‘Bull’, the build manager , was at hand today meaning we only opened one door and although it was still exciting, pulling the logs out one by one trying to avoid a land slide, it was certainly safer.

The excavator had another busy day moving around 150 tons to create the pits for the classics ‘Sheep Dip’ and ‘Tarzan Bars’ but also ‘Shiver me timbers’ which saw its first outing earlier this month in South Wales. It then went onto start ‘Twins’ a new one for Dirty Dozen and as you know, I like to keep things under wraps but this one is already beginning to me smirk. I know you are dying to know what it is so I’ll give you a clue, imagine one of our hardest obstacles preceded a muddy pit, followed by a muddy pit and then a copy of the afore mentioned obstacle followed by another muddy pit. Simple but I’m sure will prove effective.

Mwar har har!

Thanks for reading.

The Beard

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