How to tackle three common obstacles


In the last month, OCR site has launched a series of videos featuring Dirty Dozen Races’ ‘The Beard’ showing how to tackle some of the obstacles that present the greatest challenges. In today’s post, we’re linking to those videos to help you develop your skills on three obstacles.

The obstacle that we get asked about most is the BIG WALL. Whether you’re a beginner facing your first ever Big Wall, or a seasoned elite athlete looking to shave a couple of seconds off your time, tackling a vertical wall the right way is a great skill.

Climbing a vertical cargo net sounds pretty easy. Climbing it fast without burning too much energy is a different matter. Here’s The Beard’s technique:

Anyone who has tried overhanging walls will know that they are far harder than a regular vertical wall but, if you use the correct technique, they don’t need to be.

We’ll be doing some more How To … videos this summer. In the meantime, let’s get out there and tackle some BIG obstacles.

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