The Backyard Jam Open Season

For 2017, I want to give everyone that’s ever wanted to take part in the infamous Backyard Jam a chance to prove they should be there so I’ve come up with the ‘Backyard Jam Open Season’ (thanks to Pete Rees of Mudstacle for the name)! The Open Season will be a series of events that are super friendly, all-inclusive, and most importantly, fun events where you’ll be coached by me on each obstacle and then given a chance earn your place at the 2017 Backyard Jam proper.

If you don’t know what the Backyard Jam is, where have you been living? In a cave? Click here to check out last year’s epic Jam!

To sum up the Backyard Jam, it’s an amazing invite only event at my place where the best of the OCR and Ninja Warrior community get together to go head to head to in a winner takes all race around my course. With 23 technical obstacles over less than a 100m of running, it’s incredibly testing!

Think the Open Season isn’t for you? Bollocks! Why the hell not!?!?!? It doesn’t matter if you don’t win, the day is as much about fun as is it is about competitiveness so don’t hold yourself back by saying you can’t! Tell yourself you can! Check out the format below, it explains why anyone and everyone should attend at least on of the Open Season sessions. It’s not really about whether you’re good enough to be at the Backyard Jam, it’s really about spending time with me building your confidence on obstacles and having fun!

What's the format?

The Backyard Jam Open will be an all-day event (starting at 9.30am and finishing around 5.00pm) where we’ll go to each obstacle one by one and I’ll demonstrate how to complete them. You’ll get a an opportunity to have a test attempt and I’ll then give you some more pointers before you then are given two recorded attempts at each obstacle. You will get 10 points for completing it first go, 5 points for completing it second go and none for a non-complete. Although people will be there to win, you’ll be surprised at how encouraging everyone will be (most of all me) and you’ll learn loads, have a laugh and surprise yourself at what you can achieve if you tell yourself ‘you can’!

How it works

During the Open Season I’ll keep a record of everyone’s scores and create a league. Once the Open Season closes, the male and female with the most points will be awarded a place at the Backyard Jam. If there is a tie for the top places, all those tying will be invited to the Jam.

I’ll also be awarding 1 wildcard place for the person that shows the most heart and determination during the Open Season that I feel will work the hardest between the Open Season and the Jam to improve. Gotta love a trier!

How much is it?

The Open Season is £37 per head and will be limited to 20 people per day to ensure your fair turn and get quality tuition from me.

You can enter as many Open Season sessions as you want and we’ll take your highest score.


Entry includes all fees and are strictly non-refundable but you can transfer to a friend for free.

When is the Open Season?

There is only one date left, 30th July, don't miss out! Scroll down to book!

When is the Backyard Jam?

The Backyard Jam is Sunday 10th September 2017.

More info about the Backyard Jam

For more info about the Jam and other ways to get a place - click here

Where is it?

The Backyard Jam and the Open Season is in East Sussex near Tunbridge Wells and you’ll sent all the details including address and directions in your confirmation email.

What's included?

A day at my place playing on obstacles!

Coaching from me worth about a million pounds (cheeky wink)

Dirty Dozen bobble hat (now a collector’s item)

Dirty Dozen Races Keyring (also a collector’s item)


Q. I really want to come but I’m not good enough!

A. Bollocks! Of course you are! The only one holding you back is you!

How to enter

Simply book and pay for your place now! There is no qualification process, it’s simply a case of first come first served. Don’t hang around!